Why Am I Saying This?

This realization came to me when I got a text from a male colleague who on more than a couple of occasions shared rather unsettling remarks about me, the women in his life, his general outlook on women and the purpose they serve.

My fear has grown over time and these are the possible reasons that may have shaped it:

My father was… he was… I don’t really know him. I just remember how much he scared my mother, elder sister and I. He was physically present in our lives up until the…

Image by Joan Cornellà

To be or not to be… yourself?

For quite some time humans have been speculating on the topic of authenticity. “Be Yourself” they say. Such a simple statement that has been digested in various ways by us all. I personally have struggled. Sounds pathetic? Perhaps it is. I don’t know. I do however have a hunch that its a hoax.

You see, when we are born we don’t know much. We learn as we grow. We get influenced by the people we are surrounded by so to an extent your beliefs are not your own. …

A look at how Africa could have used the virus to empower itself.

Image from PR Week

The corona virus began its reign of terror when it broke out in Wuhan City, China in December 2019 and quickly spread to parts of Europe and America by mid January 2020 and finally Africa in mid February 2020.

Knowing that the virus has greatly impacted the world economy forcing a lot of businesses to shut down, switch their modes of operation and compensate employees for days not worked while reaping no gains. I believe Africa could have better prepared for the implications of the virus.


Mc Keesh

I write when I feel like it.

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